CUSTOMER FEEDBACK for Bernard Levine

  My marriage license aside, the payment is the best $10 I ever spent. Thank you.
        J.S.G. 7/2011

  Thank you for all you are doing with regard to this knife.       Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
        F.D.C. 12/15/2015

  Thanks for the information!       Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone
        F.M. 12/29/2015

  Thank you             Sent from my iPhone
        K.M. 12/31/2015

  Thank you very much! I love the old stuff. Your "Whut Izzit" is my favorite part of Knife Magazine. Appreciate your getting back so fast. Have a great New Year.
        H.B. 1/1/2016

  You helped us in a lawsuit concerning knockoff red Swiss Army knives against B&F System. Good news: the Court granted our motion to dismiss on all claims and awarded the client Victorinox $9.8 million in damages, attorney fees and interest. Not a bad result. Attached are the various decisions and news coverage, for your reading pleasure. I expect that B&F will appeal, so the case will continue.
        H.S.T. 10/28/2015

  I believe you nailed it, Bernard. Thank you for being so quick and thorough, you have saved me from what could have been some real embarrassment. Worth the price and then some.
        J.D.V. 8/2013

  Thanks Bernard, the information has been very helpful and complete.††Is appreciated.†
        J.B. 7/2014

  Thanks for your help... got more than my money's worth.
        S.W. 12/2014

  Thanks so much! At least now I know I can go on using it!†
        S.N. 11/2015

  Excellent! Thanks again. I've got a couple more to get advice on soon.
        B.P. 11/2015

  Thank you so very much for the guidance and your time.
        J.L. 7/2013

  I'm enjoying getting an education. Thanks again for your help.
        J.S. 7/2013

  Well, that's just a shame - lol - Thank you very much for the information!!
        C.H. 6/2013

  Thank you for your time and expert assessment. Not that I'm looking to sell it because I really like it a lot.
        M.K. 6/2013

  Thank you very much for your prompt and valuable help.
        N.M. 7/2013

  Bernard, the service you have given me has been of the highest degree. Thank you again for the detail, I have enjoyed every email. I will email you some pictures of another knife that has had me guessing for a few years and I will PayPal you a payment.
        M.F. in the U.K. 7/2013

  Sir, thank you so very much for all your help with this, you have helped me immensely.
        D.M. in N.Z. 7/2013

  Appreciate your insight and comments! Thanks so much.
        K.F. 7/2013

  Thank you so much for the education--that's the most priceless part of all. I am going to buy some literature as well.
        C.W. 3/2011

  Wow! Iím glad I asked your opinion. Thanks Bernard.
        D.S. 5/2010

  The letter you sent regarding the reproduction bayonet did the trick. I really appreciate your taking the time to write on my behalf. When I first complained to eBay, I was told the seller was right. Within 1 hour of eBay receiving your letter, I was notified that the decision was reversed to be in my favor and my money along with shipping was refunded into my account. Your expert opinion really went a long way. Thank you!
        J.C.L. 12/2011

  Thank you for your advice. I have received a refund from a none-too-gracious seller. Your opinion was worth every penny.
        J.S. 9/2008

  Thanks for all your help. You really gave me my money's worth. I am obviously going to pass. The asking price was $595 and I offered $500 if I could be convinced it was real.
        C.H. 2/2011

  Thank you for the prompt reply. Based upon your interpretation I am going to return the knife to the seller..
        M.S. 6/2010

  Thank you, Sir, for the help and the education!
        D.C. 10/2010

  Thanks for the detailed advice, it was worth every penny!!
        T.L. 11/2010

  I am happy with all the bounty of information you have just given me! Wow, there is so much more to knives than I had imagined! I will never look at them the same way! Thank you very much for your service and interesting information! It is exactly what I was hoping to find out. If ever I find another knife and cannot find the info by myself, I will without a doubt use your service again!
        D.A. 8/2010

  Mr. Levine, I really appreciate the research on the knife, Iím very pleased with the results.
        T.M. 10/2010

  I'm completely satisfied with this result! I wouldn't think of selling it, since my late father bought it... This has been a great adventure, and I very much appreciate all your work on finding the provenance of this knife. I certainly got my money's worth. All the best to you, Bernard - and thanks!
        M.V.S. 9/2010

  You have answered my questions entirely.
Now, the knife has a bit of a story for me and I will cherish it for the adventure it provided.
It's good to have met you and thank you for all of your knowledge and help!
        K.H. 10/2011

  I really appreciate all the info you've given me. You've given me way more information than I ever thought I'd have on this knife.
        B.W. 4/2010

  Thanks for educating me and possibly saving me some money.
        T.M. 5/2009

  It occurred to me that it's actually cheaper to hear your wise opinions than to blow money on things I don't want.
        P.C. 5/2009

  Your quick, comprehensive, and incisive response to my inquiry about a particular eBay knife allows me to pass on the piece in peace. Money saved, lessons learned, as usual.
        J.L. 9/2009

  Thank you for the information. I have always wondered where this knife came from. It's interesting to know some history behind it. I will definitely use you in the future if I come across any more knives. Thanks!
        V.O. 9/2009

  Many thanks for your efforts in arriving at a valuation for this knife. The more I had looked at it, the more I thought that the handle and guard were "modern" replacements as they did not exhibit the age of a knife made so many years ago. I only wish that I had obtained it while the WWII veteran was still living, as I would have been able to learn the story behind it.
        D.M. 5/2010

  Thanks for your excellent work.
        M.W. 7/2008

  Well thank you very much for the appraisal.† You have done a thorough job and I appreciate it.
        F.S. 8/2009

  Thanks so much for all the info on the knife. Now, all we have to decide is which one of our kids or grandkids will end up with it when the time comes.
        T.R. 3/2008

  Your service is fast and very valuable. Thanks for helping me out here.
        D.M. 1/2009

  Your observations and advice are very well taken... I appreciate the effort and courtesy you have put out for me. I wish I had discovered you sooner. You can look forward towards seeing more work from me.
        M.C. 12/2008

  I like the [web] page you made [of my knives] and that you are getting feedback from various markets. This assures me that I will make the right decisions, rather than blindly parting with the collection with not much "solid" knowledge of the value of each knife. I really appreciate the thought and effort you have expended.
        C. W. 1/2009

  Thank you very much for your quick and thorough answer. I appreciate having such a service available on the Internet.
        S. M. 10/2007

  $5 is cheap for the knowledge I gain from your answers, not counting what I save not buying fakes.  
        J. A. 11/2007

  Thank you very much sir, I really appreciate your help and all the information you have given me. I hope your kindness is returned to you many times over.
        K. H. 10/2007

  The Court was impressed with your testimony [by telephone] and our client was found "Not Guilty."
        J. W. L. 7/2007

  Thank you so much! It is very interesting to find out the history of the knife.
        S. S. 7/2007

  Well it's not what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate your expertise. I will keep you in mind if I get another case in which my client whittles a common tool into a dagger-like weapon, or for any other reason in which I need your expertise.
        S. P. 3/2007

  Thanks for the quick response. Great service you offer. I am sure that I will use it again, and inform others as well.
        C.W. 3/2006

  Talk about addressing the issue in a logical and rational way. You did great. I am impressed. Caused me to sit up straight and smell the roses.
        D.E. 9/2003

  Thanks! That certainly was the best $25 I've ever spent! I have been collecting knives now about twenty years, but never have seen a real Will and Finck, nor was I aware that such detailed fakes existed. You'd think someone that can make a fake so good should be making his own custom knives (but, come to think of it, compared to the real ones, these aren't that good after all). It is really great that you offer this service to the knife collecting community.
        R.P. 11/2005

  no thanks im not going to pay you ten bucks to ask you something !!! man what a racket.
        M.P. 11/2005

  Many thanks for your quick and knowledgeable response... I must say, I'm a bit disappointed [in the law], but what can you do? Thanks for being so clear, and best of luck in the future.
        J.D. 9/2005

  Thank you very much!! The advice is well received and will be put to good use, thank you again.
        W.C. 11/2005

  Thanks for the detailed reply — well worth the price.
        B.H. 11/2005

  Thanks Mr. Levine for the appraisal of my "Cretan Dagger". I didn't know whether or not it was of any value, but now I know. You did an excellent job. Thanks again.
        M.T. 9/2005

  Thank you for your time and information. Like you said, it is worth more to me as a gun collector rather than to a knife collector. You provide a wonderful service!!
        B.M. 1/2006

  I want to thank you so very much for your response and appraisal on my Jambiya knife. I found it to be very informative and answered some questions I have had for many years. I appreciate the links you have sent me and I will check them out. I appreciate your research on this and feel the information you have passed on was well worth your $25.00 fee.
        H.S. 3/2006

  I am really impressed by the amount of research you put into this matter. Thank you very, very much!
        F.I. 1/2006

  For your snooty information, not everyone can afford an attorney. I can assure you even if she could neither of us would EVER retain the likes of you! You're not worth your paltry little $10 fee!
        S.D. 9/2005

  Got the case to the jury at 4:45, they worked for 1/2 hr then went home. Deliberated again this morning until 12:15, then returned a great verdict -- liability on both the design and warning claims, ZERO contributory negligence, and a plaintiff's verdict awarding $279,900.00...
  Thanks so much for your diligence and hard work on this case, and for your excellent testimony... I'll certainly know who to call on any other knife case that comes my way, also would be happy to recommend you to any of my colleagues with this sort of case.
        T.P. 4/2006

  Thank you for your well-reasoned and thorough reply... I'll be sure to contact you if I have any other questions about knife law.
        N.K. 1/2006

  Thank you very much for the thorough and crystal clear response to my question regarding the legality of "assisted opening" knives. This response was about five hundred percent better than I had hoped for as far as clarity and thoroughness. Your response is well substantiated and presented in a no-nonsense straightforward manner.
  You claim to be an expert. This response standing alone proves to me without a doubt that you are not only an expert on knives, but an expert when it comes to communication of your knowledge to others. Thank you very much. That $10.00 through Paypal without any doubt was the best "research" money I have ever spent.
        J.H.F. 3/2006

  This was the best $40 I have spent in many years. I understand that you cannot offer definitive legal opinions, but your thoughtful, clearly worded opinions provide useful guidance for those of us who care about and respect the law.
  And I certainly appreciate your words of warning to those who might consider a knife as a defensive weapon without taking appropriate training into account. It would be foolhardy at best to assume that a knife in the hands of an untrained man could provide any reasonable degree of protection.
        D.S. 10/2005

  Thank you sir, very good value for the price. My teacher says "A knife at a fight is one knife too many," and I certainly see your opinion falls in that direction as well. We have recommended pepper spray to our female students and will likely continue to do so.
        B.R. 11/2005

  Thank you so much for your help and your honesty. If we ever come across another knife we need appraised, I will contact you! Thanks again.
        C.R. 5/2006

  I got my money back from Paypal believe it or not [for a counterfeit knife purchased on eBay]. The important part was that I had proof that I purchased subject to your vetting. If that had not been a condition precedent of the transaction, it is doubtful that Paypal would have reimbursed me.
        C.S. 5/2005

  Hey, just wanted to thank you for your fast and professional appraisal of my [reworked] Case trapper. I believe this will be most satisfactory to my claim with eBay. I am going to be more careful in my buying on eBay in the future.
        B.H. 3/2006

  Great info as I had hoped (and expected). I feel I more than got my money's worth. The value is in the learning, not what something will bring on eBbay!
        R.M. 4/2006

  Thanks again and I surely feel I received more than my money's worth, and appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share.
        L. H. 8/2006

  Well, it was a long wait but PayPal finally agreed with me (with us) that the knife is a fake. I returned the knife to the seller and the money has been refunded... Thanks for your assistance. I hope I learned my lesson and will be more careful in the future.
        J. L. 8/2006

  Thanks again for helping me last week with that knife that was sold to me as a Confederate Bowie. I did get my money back from the seller, so it was $25 well spent.
        C. C. 8/2006

  Fascinating and well worth the money - you should charge a bit more!
        J. S. & M. C. 9/2006

    ! ! ! ! ! Thanks for GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! !
        R.D. 8/1/2004

  Thanks for the quick reply and bad news.
        M.N. 8/1/2004

  You do a great service. Thanks.
        T.O. 3/2006


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